Screenshotlayer is a product maintained by apilayer, a technology company based in Vienna, Austria.

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Office Locations


apilayer Data Products GmbH
Elisabethstrasse 15/5
1010 Vienna

What is it?

Screenshotlayer is a lighweight REST API built to deliver high quality PNG, JPEG & GIF website screenshots at unparalleled speeds and through a simple interface. Its architecture is focused on ease of use and integration, making for a high level of compatibility with any application, framework and programming language.

Who runs it?

The screenshotlayer API is a product built and maintained by apilayer, an Austrian technology company aiming to build a variety of reliable programming interfaces (APIs) and make them affordable for developers and startups.

Superior Rendering

In order to ensure the highest possible level of image resolution, our API relies on a powerful rendering engine capable of processing, storing and returning all sorts of website content within just a few seconds.

Each screenshot is assigned to a separate and unique server entity, allowing us to provide an unparalleled level of image quality and speed for each API request.

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